Gr. 10 Engineering Graphics and Design Curriculum 2022 – Subscription Package

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Our EGD learning content is now available to Grade 10 learners whenever they need it, and wherever they need it. Access our digital learning content on a desktop or laptop at home, via the EGD Learning Portal. Then continue where you left off on your phone or tablet. Best of all, you can even download the content on your mobile device for offline access when you are not connected! We cater for both iOS and Android devices.

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Course Learning Material

Module 1: Introduction to Engineering Graphics and Design
Lesson 1.1 Introduction to Engineering Graphics and Design

Module 2: General Drawing Principles Relevant to All Types of Drawing
Lesson 2.1 Drawing Instruments
Lesson 2.2 Line Types and Application
Lesson 2.3 Printing (Writing) and Dimensioning

Module 3: Setting Up a Drawing Sheet
Lesson 3.1 A4 and A3 Sized Drawing Sheets

Module 4: Geometrical Construction
Section 4.1 Lines
Lesson 4.1 Bisecting Lines
Lesson 4.2 Bisecting Angles
Lesson 4.3 Perpendicular Lines
Lesson 4.4 Perpendicular Lines from a Point on a Line
Lesson 4.5 Perpendicular Lines from a Point Outside a Line
Lesson 4.6 Dividing Line

Section 4.2 Circles
Lesson 4.7 Parts of a Circle
Lesson 4.8 Circle Division
Lesson 4.9 Circles Through Three Points
Lesson 4.10 Inscribed Circles to a Triangle
Lesson 4.11 Circumscribed Circles to a Triangle
Lesson 4.12 Fillets
Lesson 4.13 Tangents
Lesson 4.14 Arcs Tangent to a Point and Circle
Lesson 4.15 Arcs Tangent to a Line and Circle
Lesson 4.16 Convex Tangential Arcs
Lesson 4.17 Concave Tangential Arcs

Section 4.3 Regular Polygons
Lesson 4.18 Triangles (Three Sides)
Lesson 4.19 Squares (Four Sides)
Lesson 4.20 Pentagons (Five Sides)
Lesson 4.21 Hexagons (Six Sides)
Lesson 4.22 Octagons (Eight Sides) with a Given Side
Lesson 4.23 Octagons (Eight Sides) with a Given Square

Section 4.4 Ellipses
Lesson 4.24 Ellipses (Four Centre Method)
Lesson 4.25 Isometric Circles (False Ellipse)

Module 5: Scales
Lesson 5.1 Different Scales
Lesson 5.2 The Application of Any Scale to All Types of Drawings

Module 6: Orthographic Projection
Lesson 6.1 Introduction to Orthographic Projection
Lesson 6.2 Planning the Drawing Layout
Lesson 6.3 Casting
Lesson 6.4 V Block
Lesson 6.5 Bearing Block

Module 7: Mechanical Drawing
Lesson 7.1 Introduction to Mechanical Drawing
Lesson 7.2 Composite Block
Lesson 7.3 Pipe Clamp
Lesson 7.4 Shaft Holder
Lesson 7.5 Shaped Block
Lesson 7.6 Machined Sled
Lesson 7.7 Support
Lesson 7.8 Bracket
Lesson 7.9 Stud
Lesson 7.10 Hexagonal Bolt and Nut Head
Lesson 7.11 Hexagonal Bolt
Lesson 7.12 Bolt, Nut and Washer Assembly

Module 8: Isometric Drawing
Lesson 8.1 Introduction To Isometric Drawing
Lesson 8.2 Rectangular Box
Lesson 8.3 Rectangle with Cut-Outs
Lesson 8.4 Triangle
Lesson 8.5 Shaped Rectangle
Lesson 8.6 Hexagonal Prism
Lesson 8.7 Round Bar Segment

Module 9: Solid Geometry
Lesson 9.1 Introduction To Solid Geometry
Lesson 9.2 Square Prism
Lesson 9.3 Square Pyramid
Lesson 9.4 Cylinder and Cone
Lesson 9.5 Inclined Square Prism
Lesson 9.6 Inclined Cone
Lesson 9.7 Square Pyramid with Cutting Plane

Module 10: Descriptive Geometry
Lesson 10.1 Introduction to Descriptive Geometry
Lesson 10.2 Point and Line Segment Projection
Lesson 10.3 True Length and Inclination by Construction
Lesson 10.4 True Length and Inclination by Projection

Module 11: Civil Drawing
Lesson 11.1 Introduction to Civil Drawing
Lesson 11.2 Windows
Lesson 11.3 Doors
Lesson 11.4 Foundation Detail – Load-Bearing Wall
Lesson 11.5 Foundation Detail – Non-Load-Bearing Wall
Lesson 11.6 Floor Plans
Lesson 11.7 Sectional Elevations
Lesson 11.8 Floor Plan Calculations

Module 12: One Point Perspective
Lesson 12.1 Introduction to Perspective Drawing
Lesson 12.2 One-Point Perspective
Lesson 12.3 One-Point Offset Perspective
Lesson 12.4 One-Point Perspective Circles