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At EGD Learning we have created an affordable holistic learning experience which provides Engineering & Graphics Design (EGD) learning material for Grade 8-12 high-school learners and educators.

EGD Digital Learning Courses for 2023

Learning material for Grades 8-10 is now available via our Leaner Management System.

EGD Extra Classes


Grade 10-12

EGD Learning offers extra classes for Engineering Graphics and Design, which includes 1 two-hour lesson per week. Our EGD learning content uses proven instructional principles and learning methods to help improve your marks and assist learners with PAT, Exam and Test preparation.

R599.00 per learner/monthly. (No contracts – Month-to-month subscription).

EGD Workbooks & Memorandums


Grade 10-12

EGD Learning offers learning Grade 10-12 Workbooks and Memorandums for EGD educators and learners aligned with the DBE (CAPS) and IEB (SAGS) curriculum.

Available in Hard copy or Digital (PDF) format.

Pre-orders for the 2024 school year is now available. Click here to pre-order!

Online Student Training Courses & Software Packages


EGD Learning offers both AutoCAD and TurboCAD Student training & software packages at exclusive rates to secondary and tertiary education departments, educators and learners.

TurboCAD 2D Fundamentals

Online Student Training Package

AutoCAD 2D Fundamentals

Online Student Training Package

EGD Learning Drawing Instrument Kit


Our complete drawing instruments kit for high school educators and learners includes the following:

  • A3 Drawing Board Deluxe with a A3 Drawing Board Bag (High Quality)
  • Springbow Compass Large
  • Technical Circle Stencil
  • 0.5mm Clutch Pencil & 0.5mm 2H Pencil Lead
  • 26 Hole Erasing Shield & Black Eraser
  • 30cm Precision Geometry Ruler, Protractor & Set Squares

3D Models for EGD


All the 3D models of our latest EGD Workbook drawings are now available. These 3D models are great learning-aids and presentation tools for EGD educators in the classroom.

You can also request custom 3D Models for your classroom.

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